Like most people, two friends meet once a month to get together to talk about their businesses, families and what’s going on in their lives. However, unlike many others, on one particular Sunday evening, the conversation between these two friends quickly shifted from their usual musings to the fact that there was no better place for them to grab desserts beyond the standard Pumpkin and Apple Pie. They were sick of the stale coffee and run-of-the-mill desserts they ate each time they met and couldn’t believe that in Denver, there really was no place for them to go.

While most people would accept the mediocrity of the dessert options, Chris, who is the owner of a national entertainment company and Alon, the founder of a national restaurant chain, decided that they needed to change the landscape of desserts available to city of Denver.

Chris & Alon travel the country and world for their businesses and have been exposed to many desserts that are as creative and unique as both of their personalities. Chris & Alon believe that the people of Colorado (and eventually around the country) should have an opportunity to be a part of all the latest and greatest dessert options out there.

So, these two creative (and a little bit crazy) friends set out to find someone whose passions for desserts matched their passion. Stephanie, who traded in her original college degree to become a pastry chef jumped on board and couldn’t be more excited to bring her incredible creativity and even more incredible desserts to the people of Denver.

To add to Chris and Alon’s recipe for success, they wanted someone who has a vision for fun, growth and planning some out-of-the box events. Maki came on board to handle the promotion and operation of the food truck and promises to deliver not only fabulous desserts but also a fun, exciting experience for any one that stops by.

So, Chris, Alon, Stephanie and Maki welcome you to SugarDash Food Truck –  Gourmet Street Sweets. Say good-bye to the boring desserts you know and are used to and hello to new, fun, delicious, creative desserts you never knew you needed to have!